Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.08: “Memory Serves”

“Seeing that picture, I felt I was getting close to the truth and it scared me.”
- Kyle

With only two episodes left in the season after this, the writers have really started to kick things into overdrive plot wise. Kyle is undergoing some hypnosis and at first all he can remember is the night Kern died and that Foss pulled the trigger. But when the hypnotist tells him to go deeper, he starts spouting random nonsense that kind of freaks Nicole out. She gives all kinds of excuses to her colleague about why Kyle said Foss was in his memory and what the nonsense stuff was. I have to say, she’s totally in denial and not handling it well. Speaking of Foss, Steven got him removed from their route because Kyle is so upset by him. This doesn’t stop Foss from showing up at the house and kind of asking if he did something wrong. He was kind of like a sad puppy (well a puppy who would claw your eyes out if it meant protecting his secret but still). Lucky for him, the background check the police ran (at Steven’s request) comes up clean.

The A plot of this episode revolves around Lori, Declan and Kyle sneaking off to the University of Washington to try and investigate Kyle’s possible connection to Kern. They lie to Steven and Nicole and say they are seeing Whitman instead. They know there’s no way they’d get permission to see UW otherwise. So they head off and Declan goes to check out the gym and the basketball team (he’s possibly being recruited) while Lori and Kyle go find the science building. They get lucky and run into Professor Kern’s former research assistant. She was helping with his testing dealing with mental agility and memory. She doesn’t remember Kyle and she says she would know if he worked on the research because she did all the testing but she does agree to test Kyle and see what the results are. No one should be surprised that Kyle scores insanely high on all the tests. As she’s reveling in his awesomeness, Kyle gets distracted by an old photo in a trophy case. It’s of a group of grad school students from 1985 and one of them looks exactly like Kyle. Clearly he wasn’t around in the 1980s but they convince Steven to let them stay overnight so they can dig deeper and find out who he was and maybe how Kyle was connected to him.

They don’t get a whole lot of digging done that night. But Lori does spend some time with a college guy named Wes and Declan kind of broods over it. Kyle asks why he doesn’t just tell Lori that he likes her and Declan sort of throws it back in Kyle’s face that maybe he should take his own advice and tell Amanda how he feels. The next morning, Dr. Kern’s research assistant shows up and tells them she figured out who the guy in the photo was. His name is Adam Baylin. It’s also a bit awkward because Lori just shows up and grabs a towel to get cleaned up. The look on Declan’s face is just so upset and hurt. He really likes her clearly and he thinks the worst of her night out. Anyway, the research assistant tells Kyle she has a secretary she’d like him to meet. She worked in the department when Adam was around she describes him as kind and caring and interested in other people’s lives as well as academically brilliant. He even worked with Professor Kern on several projects. But when Kyle asks to get an address or phone number, the secretary breaks it to him that Adam’s been missing for 20 years. She does however give him all of Adam’s research to see if they can find out what the connection is to Kyle. It looks like they aren’t going to find anything when Kyle happens upon a drawing of the logo he drew (and the one on the keycard near Kern’s remains) with numbers written down. Oh and Declan and Lori have it out (she didn’t sleep with the guy, they just talked).

Back home, Nicole is listening to the recording of Kyle speaking gibberish and Josh unwittingly gives her the suggestion of slowing it down. She does and she and Steven then figure out that the numbers and letters are coordinates on a map. Steven takes a look on View It Earth (I guess they couldn’t use Google Earth because of copyright) and it’s blocked. Josh pipes up that it’s blocked because it’s a government facility. Around the same time, Kyle figures out that the numbers are coordinates and he wants to go check it out. Too bad for him that Hilary has a big mouth and Declan told her the plan to visit UW. Steven demands the kids head home immediately and Lori tells him they will. She goes for a bathroom break and the guys take off to check things out. Kyle insists on going into the woods alone and ends up having a run-in with Foss. He warns Kyle to stop asking questions and snooping around because a nefarious and nameless “they” will go after him and the Tragers and they could all end up dead. Kyle appears to take Foss’s warning seriously and lies to Declan as they get back on the road. He says there was just woods (the same story he feeds to the rest of the family). But before Declan heads out, Kyle tells him the truth. I have a feeling the pair of them are going to keep digging, despite Foss’s warning. They are two pretty determined guys and Declan probably just wants to stick it to the creepy dude stalking Kyle. Oh and we get a Declan and Lori parting kiss. Maybe they are back on the road to being a couple after all! But as Kyle contemplates whether he really wants to just move forward with the life he has at that moment or still look backward, we see that there was a hidden security camera in the area where Kyle and Foss had their tussle. Whoever the “they” are, have seen that Kyle is in fact alive. I cannot imagine that is ever going to be a good thing.

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