Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.05: “Arrested Development”

“All I’m saying is I’m here, so are you. There must be a reason.”
- Beth

I’d forgotten how much each episode flowed from the previous one. Mick is still trying to avoid Beth after the incident in the desert but it seems Fate or some other force has a different idea. Beth and Josh are at the hospital getting bloodwork done so that Josh will feel better about the puncture wounds on Beth’s arm. Mick is there to get a refill on his blood supply and they run into each other. It is very awkward and kind of painful to watch. Especially when Josh tries to invite Mick to their one year anniversary dinner party. Yeah I really don’t think that would be a good thing to happen. And not just because of the vampire angle.

This week’s case d’jour involves a dead escort. Beth tries to get a look at the scene (after her boss tips her off to the death) but her cop buddy is just not having a good day and kicks her out. Meanwhile, Mick takes on a case of parents looking for their missing daughter. She’s from a small town and they only recently discovered she’d been working as an escort online. They show Mick the photo they found online and it’s the same one that the killer was looking at before he made his kill. In his continued effort to find the missing girl, Mick pays Josef a visit to avail himself of some tech assistance to find the location of the missing girl’s apartment. Not surprising, it is the same apartment as the one Beth was at earlier. Mick can’t go in because it is a crime scene but he can tell the killer was a very frustrated vampire.

That night, Beth and Josh’s dinner party gets interrupted by a call from the morgue telling Beth she can get in to see the body. Josh assumes the call was from Mick and I can kind of see how he would assume it based on the way Beth was speaking. And he was right that it was rude of Beth to bail in the middle of their party. But she goes anyway and gets a look at the body before Mick shows up with his client to possibly ID the dead girl. We well get an ID but it isn’t his missing girl. It’s her roommate. Once everyone else is gone, Mick and Beth have a whispered confrontation about how Mick has been avoiding her. Beth doesn’t buy the whole he’s a vampire and she’s a human excuse anymore and she brushes off the insinuation that there is something between her and Mick that would interfere with her relationship with Josh.

Beth convinces Mick to team up on the case which isn’t such a bad idea since their investigations seem to be dovetailing repeatedly. Before they get too far into their joint venture, however, the young vampire gets the number of the missing girl and sets up a date with her. At Buzzwire, Beth is confronted by one of her friends who is going on about why Beth and Josh haven’t moved in together yet. Probably because Beth isn’t supposed to be with Josh, duh! Anyway, she gets to cut the conversation short when Mick calls. He, Josef and Rider (the tech vamp) need her voice to make calls to the dead escort’s client list to see if they can find the vampire who killed her. It only takes two tries before they land the right one. He thinks it is Cherish (the missing girl) calling to confirm their date and he lets slip some details about where they will be meeting for their date. Mick and Beth head to the address Rider gets from the reverse phone look-up but the FBI is waiting there and nearly shoot Mick. While one of the agents is busy yelling at Mick, he takes in the scene and realizes the vampire they are dealing with is a teenager who was turned maybe two hundred years ago. He fills Beth in on this tidbit once they have escaped FBI questioning. Beth swiped a day planner that belonged to the dead escort and it gives them an actual location of where the meeting is going down.

The date goes horribly wrong when the vampire shows up suggests they go on rides, like a date. Beth tries calling Cherish’s phone twice and when she picks up the second time, the vampire loses it and starts dragging her through the boardwalk. Eventually, Mick catches up with him but he gets away. Luckily Cherish is mostly unharmed. I mean sure she’s kind of freaked out which makes sense but at least she’s not dead! Night falls and we get a really bizarre showdown amongst carnival rides and a fight on top of a roller coaster, all set to some heavy metal. Some of the music on this show makes me a little nostalgic for my mid-college years but this didn’t. Still it ended well. The teen vampire got decapitated by a roller coaster (well he did tell Cherish the coaster was killer). Better watch out what you say next time!

With Cherish reunited with her parents, Mick takes off without saying goodbye to Beth. Beth is a little busy brushing off her boss for not having cameras there for the reunion. But as soon as Beth notes Mick’s absence, she goes to find him and thanks to Mick dropping his keys under his car, she catches him before he can drive off without another word (like usual). And then she goes for it and kisses him. Not once, but twice. I’m fairly certain her boyfriend would not be happy about that. Mick has kind of a stupid grin on his face as she walks back inside. Don’t get me wrong, as I mentioned earlier I am all for Mick and Beth in a relationship but Josh is still around and kind of a giant obstacle. And Mick is definitely not the type of guy to be with a woman who is cheating on her significant other. Still, it sets up a lot of interesting avenue moving forward.

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