Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.06: “The Red Forest”

“Time is going to take what it’s owed. Eventually, it will kill you.”
- Dr. Jones

We pick up right where we left Cole at the end of last week’s episode in an alternate 2043. He is rather disoriented and keeps seeing flashes of his own present bleed through. He gets taken to Jones who explains a lot is different now. The time machine never worked and she’s never met him. Oh and the plague was released in Chechnya in 2015 under something called Operation Troy. Cole manages to talk to the head of the West Seven who just happens to be one-eyed Ramse. Because Cole and Ramse are so tight, Cole convinces his old buddy to use the machine to send Cole back to 2015 so he can right the timeline. After a little deduction, Cole and Jones figure out that Cassie was murdered in 2015 so that’s why there was no message and why Cole and Jones hadn’t met. Well that and Cole died.

Cole ends up in 2015 in a convenience store and after making sure the date is right, he goes in search of an ally. That turns out to be Aaron. I’m not sure I like this team up because I just don’t like Aaron. We see a few pieces of the alternate timeline link up with 2015 before Cole actually nabs Aaron in the parking garage. There’s a man named Adam Wexler and he’s hiding out in Chechnya. And Aaron’s boss gets a fax about Operation Troy. Very interesting. Anyway, Cole finds Aaron and after Aaron freaks out a little bit, takes Cole to Cassie’s family bookstore to get cleaned up and so Cole can try to explain what the hell is going on. Aaron doesn’t believe him and is really confused about how Cole knows about Operation Troy. But the time for confusion is short because thanks to Aaron being a complete idiot, the police show up.

Aaron and Cole head to the Night Room to try and rescue Cassie. Cole’s latest plan involves Aaron shooting at the man in the hat while Cole grabs Cassie. That plan fails rather spectacularly. Not only does Aaron not take the shot at the right time, he sets off a car alarm and Cole from the past gets shot which makes the current Cole not so happy. Now they have to find another way to get to Cassie. Luckily Cole remembers the license plate number and Aaron calls in a favor. They learn that the truck had been used for a multitude of purposes including landscaping. So the guys end up at a green house. Not long after the guys arrive, a couple of the men who were involved in Cassie’s abduction show and Cole kills one of them and starts pounding on the other for information. Aaron uses a little diplomacy to get the guy to talk and tell them where he took Cassie.

Elsewhere, Cassie is locked in a room and overhears that she is important to the Witness (the man in the hat’s boss). While I’m hoping that means Cassie ultimately survives this episode, I don’t like the tone they’ve been using to talk about Cassie. It’s just really creepy. It gets even creepier and kind of acid trippy when Cassie gets drugged and this woman starts telling Cassie that she’s in a red forest with tall grass. The hallucination then progress to a house that is very horror movie and keeps switching what it looks like. And there is a man there that Cassie seems very afraid of. It might be the Witness but we can’t be certain. Either way, she is seriously freaking out and manages to take off. Lucky for her, Aaron and Cole have showed up and Aaron manages to get Cassie out of the warehouse. Cole has enough time to take out some of the soldiers before he splinters back to the correct timeline in 2043. Cassie may have been rescued but she is most definitely not okay. She is still seeing flashes from whatever they gave her and she is really scared of what the Witness could be planning. But at least Aaron now believes her about Cole (having seen him splinter first hand). And it seems he is on board with stopping the virus. They are going to see what they can find out about Operation Troy.

After Cole gets a little rest and a blood transfusion, the team gathers for a debrief. Cole has filled in Jones on the alternate timeline and the information gleaned from that. Jones seems fairly confident that since Cole is back in the proper timeline that the virus is no longer released in 2015 in Chechnya. But since the virus itself wasn’t in the Night Room in 2015, perhaps the actual virus is being kept in Chechnya. So the future gang is along intent on figuring out the deal behind Operation Troy. Once everyone else is dismissed, Cole and Jones touch base. He isn’t having headaches and seeing flashes of the other reality but he can still feel them in his head and they hurt. Jones confirms that eventually, the splintering will kill him like it did all of the other people before him. I have a feeling though that whatever makes Cole able to survive the jumps will keep him going long enough to reach the end of their mission. I’m not saying that will be the end of the season because I don’t know what they would storyline wise if they stopped the plague at the end of season 1 (for the record it’s been renewed for season 2 already). But we do know that there is an expiration date on Cole’s ability to travel through time and survive it. I just hope that while Cassie is relying on Aaron right now, she ultimately finds a way to be with Cole. Their chemistry has been there since the very beginning and I can’t see why they wouldn’t eventually end up together. At least for a little while. But I am intrigued by Operation Troy, especially since it seems the CIA is behind it.

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