Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.09: “Left Behind”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re not leaving our team.”
- Professor Stein

When last we left our team, Ray, Kendra and Sara were left in 1958 while the rest of the team had been hijacked by Chronos. He screws with the Wave rider a bit and then take offs with Snart and leaves Stein, Rip and Stein on the ship. While those three are trying to find the rest of the team, Sara, Ray and Kendra have to accept that the team isn’t coming back. We see them as time starts to pass. They share an apartment and then when Ray tries to get a time beacon working and it fails, Sara takes off, saying she needs to find where she belongs. I have to say wouldn’t it be confusing for her to go to the League before she’s even born? Wouldn’t Ra’s Al Ghul be all “I’ve met you before” when he sees her again?

Anyway, Ray and Kendra end up starting to date and when we next see them, she’s a librarian and Ray is a college professor, teaching Bill Gates’ father which is pretty hilarious. He gets kind of excited by that. They are celebrating their two-year anniversary and Ray is about to propose when his beacon goes off. Ray and company (minus Snart obviously) pop in and scoop them up. Kendra is happy to be back in her original life but Ray isn’t willing to let things go.

As the team is trying to find Sara, we get some very interesting information on Chronos. The reason he’s kidnapped Snart becomes clear when he takes off his helmet and reveals he is in fact Mick. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that to be the case but it is kind of interesting and gives him more to do. It turns out Snart didn’t kill him (obviously). He kind of chickened out and just punched Mick in the face to knock him out. He was eventually rescued by the Time Masters after he’d nearly gone mad and was built up to be this bounty hunter badass focused only on killing the team. He was taken to the Vanishing Point and rehabbed over many lifetimes (or something). He seems to be taking more joy in threatening Snart with having to watch his sister die over and over again. I’m with Snart that Mick is really demented and off the rails and not worth saving but then again they have plenty of time to figure that storyline out.

When the team finally realizes where Sara is (aka the League of Assassins), they try to rescue her. But it’s hard to rescue someone who doesn’t want to be rescued. Sara has been indoctrinated again into the League’s way of doing things and she’s all for Ra’s and doing his bidding. So when the team shows up, she sounds the alarm and they all get locked up. Trespassers will be executed. Oops! At least it gives Ray and Kendra some time to sort out their issues. We also learn that if one is stranded in a foreign timeline for too long, they begin to lose their original self and their past. Kendra admits she was starting to lose herself and her past lives and that is likely what’s happened to Sara as well.

Lucky for the team, Rip studied the League for a thesis in school and he knows about trial by combat. He seems only a little alarmed when Ra’s defers to Sara. But ultimately, Kendra steps up. It is two-fold: it allows Kendra to get her wings back and hopefully remind Sara of her humanity. Things don’t seem to be going too well until Chronos shows up and starts blasting people. He was kind of stupid to leave Snart alone on the jump ship because Snart is definitely not stupid and manages to get free (even though he loses a hand in the process. With a little League assistance, the team takes down Chronos and they’re all pretty shocked to see that it is Mick under the helmet. But they’re going to take him back to the ship. Before leaving 1960, Sara and Rip fill Ra’s in on their time travelling. And Sara makes sure Ra’s sends Nyssa in October of 2008 to rescue her so she can join the League again. I also found it kind of hilarious that Ra’s wasn’t really surprised by the whole “from the future” thing.

It seems that despite the drama of leaving 1960, Kendra and Ray are still good as a couple. He still hasn’t proposed (although he’s got the ring so it won’t be long now) but they’re both quite happy that for once, Kendra gets to choose who she falls in love with. I suppose that’s fair. With Carter dead, she is free to be with whoever she wants. And perhaps on an interesting note, they are going to try and reform Mick and turn him back to their side of things. Sara is particularly interested in this endeavor since she thinks that if they can save Mick, then she can be saved, too. Girl really just needs a spa day or something (and not in the Lazarus Pit). But thanks to some future tech, at least Snart is back to having two hands after having it regenerated. He’s got a fighting hand!

While the team recovers from their trippy experience, Rip sets their sights on 2147. He explains that while Vandal Savage may have disappeared from history for a while, he knows that they will find Savage in this time and place. I have a sinking feeling that they’re going to find him as a young child and Rip is going to make the decision to try and assassinate him. That’s going to cause all kinds of drama amongst the team. It’s the big dilemma in all those kinds of stories about going back in time to get rid of horrible people like Hitler (I’d kind of love a “Let’s Kill Hitler” moment but that’s just the Whovian in me).

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