Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.12: “Company Woman”

“It is never a good time, Mother. I’ve spent an entire life on your back burner. Well not anymore.”
- Taylor

Well Evos, we are nearly to the end of our story. As you probably know, NBC has not renewed our dear little show for a second season so the finale well be the true end of things. I have to say I’m not all that surprised. The ratings weren’t that great but at least we came into it knowing we’d get a full story so there’s that consolation, I suppose. As you’d expect, everyone is making their way to Odessa and Gateway. The news media and general populace is starting to panic of Micah’s message but Erica and Renautus is still going forward with the plan. Tommy agrees to send people forward in time. But when he finds out that they only intend to send around 12,000 people (enough to have genetic diversity to ensure a healthy population), he vanishes. Oh, and also, Ren finally shows up and gets into the facility. The poor guy is going to be so sad when he learns that Miko is gone! But he does end up meeting Emily and the pair go off to try and find Tommy. That’s kind of adorable.

Matt and Taylor arrive and bust into Erica’s office. Matt is clearly pissed about Erica holding his family over his head so he’s doing the same to her. He forces Taylor to hold a gun to her head and then drops the pregnancy bomb on Erica. At the very least it ensures he gets watches which will get him and his family to the future. How he plans to get the watches to his wife and son is a bit of a question mark for me since I’m pretty sure he hasn’t seen them in a while and they aren’t exactly keen on him being around. But that’s not the point. As Taylor goads her mother about having a grandchild whose father is an Evo, we see that Erica herself was sexually abused by an Evo and is likely Taylor’s father. When Tommy’s disappearance is reported, Erica starts to rush off and leave Taylor’s baby drama for later until Taylor makes some glasses explode. Erica insists she had Taylor tested and she’s not an Evo. Baby is showing powers from the womb. Damn! Taylor insists on seeing Francis but eventually she realizes he’s been dead the whole time. She accuses Erica of being power hungry and a control freak but as we see in flashbacks, she’s taken some drastic measures to protect her daughter. She didn’t tell the father when she was pregnant (her dad is a pretty awesome guy I must say. Supporting her decision to be a single parent and all) and when the father shows back up (at Erica’s request) to save Taylor’s life, Erica kills him so he can’t take Taylor from her. I still don’t like Erica’s plan, but this does make her more sympathetic in a way. Taylor doesn’t much care for Erica’s truth dumping. She’d rather die than being an empty world with her mother. I honestly thought she was going to shoot herself. It also turns out that Penny Man showed up to wipe Erica’s memory but Erica didn’t want him to. She just wanted Taylor to forget.

More interestingly, Luke has the idea that instead of trying to get into Gateway (given that Malina is kind of Public Enemy Number One), they should find a way to get on the news and attract Tommy’s attention. But first, they need to get rid of Quentin and Phoebe. In a turn of events that didn’t really shock anyone, Phoebe gets away and Quentin rejoins Team Heroes. I knew he was only siding with Erica and her ilk because of his sister. But he’s finally come to see that she isn’t his sister anymore. She’s consumed by her power and the need to hurt others. The trio ends up heading to the high school where Claire went (they’re setting up an evacuation point). Luke thinks it’s a good idea for Malina to get on the news there so Tommy will find her. He’s not going to be happy when Joanne shows up, too (I have no doubt she will). With an assist from Micah, Tommy does see it (after he takes his mom to the future and questions his destiny).

Things turn bad very quickly as both Tommy and Joanne show up at the school. Tommy gets digitized by Otomo and Joanne gets fried by Luke. Farah’s also been shot (thanks to diving in front of Joanne’s bullets meant for Malina). So now we’ve got a problem. Malina can’t very well reunite with her brother while he’s locked in a video game. Luckily, Emily and Ren are on the case. He quickly picks up that the building they are in looks exactly like a level of Evernow. Clever how all that works out. Unfortunately for Otomo, he gets a needle in the neck once he’s uploaded Tommy. We end with Tommy being locked in a very fortified digital castle and Matt being stuck in his car under water. Honestly, it serves him right! I can’t imagine how they are going to get him out of there without Malina’s help. And I’m still wondering what happened to Noah. There’s so much that still needs to happen to wrap up all the storylines! I really want to see Tommy and Malina use their powers together. I have a feeling the West Coast crew of Farah, Micah, Carlos and his nephew aren’t going to be that important to the final mission although you never know. I wasn’t sad to see Joanne go and I have a feeling that Luke wasn’t all that broken up about it either. Much like Quentin had lost his sister to the insanity of Evos versus humanity, so Luke had lost Joanne (albeit to grief and prejudice).

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