Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.09: “A Priest Walks into a Bar”

“It’s a church, what am I going to do? Pray too hard?”
- Lucifer

When last we left our Head of Hell, he was on the outs with Maze and Chloe isn’t hit to Dan’s involvement in the Palmetto shooting. Lucifer is having a party and invites the pizza delivery guy in for a threesome (or is it a foursome). Anyway, the important bit is that Lucifer doesn’t join in. Linda points out at their next session (which is much more professional than they have been) that he seems lonely and doesn’t have any friends. He can’t even say that Chloe is his friend.

Back at Lux, Maze begs Lucifer to stop for half a second to check out the actual priest that walked into the bar, looking for help from the Devil. Lucifer isn’t interested, even when the priest says he thinks a thug is running a drug ring out of a youth center. He does think the priest is hiding something and so he ropes Chloe in. They go to question the youth center director (aka the drug-running thug) but find him dead in his office. Oops! Lucifer wants to believe that the priest is responsible (although if you believe the head counselor that’s not possible). But the boy that the priest was so concerned with admits he’s kind of over-protective. And it doesn’t help that the father has a rap sheet with all kinds of fun things on it like assault and drug charges.

Before they can head out to question the priest though, Chloe tries to have a chat with Dan since he’s kind of been avoiding her. She wants to talk about the kiss they shared (before he went off to meet Malcolm) but he keeps glancing at said dirty cop. He promise to come by for take-out that night before she heads off. Things are going to be very uncomfortable for Dan though. Malcolm got himself assigned as Dan’s new partner (to keep an eye on him). Well mostly it’s so Malcolm can threaten Dan with mutually assured destruction if he tries to tell Chloe what happened. Apparently Dan isn’t quite as dirty as we thought. Sure he looked the other way a few times but that night, when Chloe realized Malcolm spotted her, Malcolm went for his gun and so Dan had to shoot to protect Chloe.

Chloe quickly learns not to leave Lucifer alone in a church because he’ll just climb into the confessional and muck up people’s confessions. But at least he did figure out that the priest has an alibi for the murder. He was with the woman Lucifer talked to. Although he does admit to breaking the restraining order and punching the guy in the face. Just as they head out to take the priest’s statement, a car drives by and someone unloads a gun. No one is injured by it gets the priest to admit that the boy he’s concerned about is already in the drug business and it seems that there’s another drug dealer moving in on the dead dealer’s turf. The priest says he’s going to stay at the church but Lucifer convinces him to stay at Lux which results in a budding friendship that culminates and playing some improv jazz together on the piano (it turns out the priest used to be a musician and he was in the same car accident that killed the boy’s parents…and the priest’s daughter). Very sad. Even sadder is that Chloe and Lucifer discover that the boy isn’t working for the competition, he is the competition.

In other weird news, Malcolm clearly knows he was rescued from Hell by Amenediel because our annoying angel pays him a visit in a parking garage. It turns out Amenediel has a task for Malcolm and I have a feeling it involves murdering our dear, handsome Devil. Which just makes me want to punch the chrome-headed man-bird in the face. A lot. But that also explains why Malcolm needs Dan to steal some evidence. I’m guessing it’s a weapon in another crime and it will be linked to that if Malcolm can get close enough to pop Lucifer. And he isn’t letting Dan off the hook any time soon after he gets a gun out of evidence. Amenediel pays his little trigger man another visit and orders him to kill Lucifer. Yeah, I really just want to smack him hard.

In a far more interesting and emotional turn of events, Lucifer and the priest bond a bit more over God’s plan (or lack thereof) and then Lucifer and Chloe discover that the priest has run off to meet the boy they think is the other drug dealer. It turns out the head counselor is the one pulling the strings and he wants the kid to shoot the priest. The kid won’t do it and so the counselor does (and Chloe shoots him). The priests doesn’t make it and Lucifer gets super pissed and nearly kills the counselor but Chloe manages to talk him down. Afterwards, Lucifer has a good yell at the sky (and his father), ranting about how if you break the rules, you lose and even if you follow them, you get shafted so what’s the point? I loved seeing this vulnerability come back in him. It shows he really is struggling to accept his own family drama. And that night, as he sits playing a piece the priest had started to play, Chloe shows up, offering to be a friend and hang with him. They end with playing “Heart and Soul” and that totally made me smile. We are getting ever closer to at least Lucifer getting a kiss out of Chloe. I really am enjoying their progression and the strides he is making as a character. I think the writers have really hit their stride, revealing pieces of the puzzle slowly but actually giving answers. I just hope the show is able to hang on enough to get another season because it is definitely a show I’d like to cover again for the blog.

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