Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.11: “St. Lucifer”

“You like the way being good makes you feel. But true good needs to come from a place of selflessness, authenticity.”
- Linda

This week’s case was a little weird. Mostly for how it made Lucifer act. Fresh off of not sleeping with Chloe (and both of them being rather confused and uncomfortable about the whole situation), they get called to a crime scene at a charitable foundation run by an ex-NBA star. He’s found murdered on the premises and his watch, ring and wallet are missing. One of the people at the foundation points out a homeless man who claims he found the guy dead already. The odd thing is, Lucifer got a rush off not sleeping with Chloe and he’s trying to recreate that. He thinks that being charitable himself will do the trick, although it doesn’t quite work out like he’d hoped. He offers Lux to the victim’s wife for a charity gala and then strips buck naked for the homeless guy. Yeah, not what you really should be doing there, Lucifer.

In his effort to be more giving, Lucifer drags Chloe to a luncheon type thing for all the charity’s biggest donors. He gets to sing (and refuses to use his powers on the women present) and they learn that the victim was a closeted gay man and his wife knew all about it. When the duo go to question the wife some more, her attorney shows up and gets really aggressive. I didn’t like him until Chloe pointed out that he does good work for the foundation and he doesn’t charge his charitable clients. He really believes in what the foundation is working towards. Pretty soon, thanks to the victim’s lover, Chloe realizes that the money sent to build a school in Haiti was never built. That’s just about the time Lucifer is just having a real bad evening and things take a turn.

See, Malcolm has Dan tied up in some basement somewhere. He’s put Dan’s prints all over the gun so he’s going to frame the guy for Lucifer’s murder. He thinks that he’s not going back to Hell if he does what Amenediel says and when Malcolm eventually confronts Lucifer with all of this, all Lucifer can do is laugh in the guy’s face. Lucifer just thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and while he’s a touch afraid about dying, he does have his handy magic “get out of Hell free” coin that he was saving to take him home again. But he trades it to Malcolm for not shooting him. I really hope Malcolm dies a horrible, painful death and then Lucifer finds a way to steal the coin back so Malcolm is stuck in Hell. That would be a fitting end for that grease spot of a person. But Lucifer’s night gets worse when the victim’s wife shows up and he realizes she murdered her husband to protect her money. He gets really angry about this and then the crazy woman shoots him!

I did find it kind of weird that Chloe was trying to suss out the attorney’s desires like Lucifer would (or at least how she perceives he would). But it worked so yay. The wife is arrested and at least the case is solved. Oh, and Lucifer didn’t die. Very interesting. Dan finds him on the ground in his apartment and the reveal is kind of invigorating (Dan got free and went to stop Malcolm). So now Lucifer knows that Amenediel tried to have him murdered and he didn’t get injured. Speaking of the dastardly angel, Maze finds him in a restaurant eating a very rare steak and making googly eyes at a glass of wine he can’t drink. I wouldn’t say they bond exactly but she challenges him to be “fun” and they end up having sex in a car (very Titanic style with the fogged up windows). Maze alter reports all this to Lucifer, claiming that now he’s got an inside woman on Amenediel. I guess that’s true, especially since Lucifer knows what his brother is up to now.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this whole episode was Lucifer’s realization at the end of it. As he and Maze sat talking about how he can be immortal sometimes and vulnerable other times, it sparks a theory in his head that he needs to test out. So he goes over to visit Chloe and she admits that she feels like there is some deeper connection between them that allows her to be vulnerable. I do really want the writers to tell us what is so damn special about her that makes her have this pull over the Devil. I’m sure Lucifer would like some answers to because as she’s talking, he cuts himself with a knife and bleeds. It appears that being near Chloe is what makes him physically vulnerable. So yes, they need to decide what is causing this and fill the viewers in as soon as possible (we’ve only got two episodes left people!) because not knowing is going to drive me crazy. I, like Chloe, am happy to see Lucifer back to his old self. He was kind of annoying trying to be so good and altruistic (not that he really succeeded mind you). I like him better when he’s smarmy and holier-than-thou (excuse the pun). The show is about the Devil after all and he’s not a nice man. He’s not totally evil as I think we are seeing and is very important for him to be known to other people.

I hope in the second season (yes it go renewed) that we find out more about his history with God and what really happened. I don’t necessarily need to see God as a character but I’m particularly interested in that relationship and what went so wrong there (and not just from Lucifer’s perspective). Maybe it’s the similarity I feel to the characters on Dominion (I still want Michael and Gabriel to show up) that triggers this need to have this familial drama explained and explored or maybe I just want more backstory on the characters because I wouldn’t mind some more on Chloe, too.

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