Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.11: “The Magnificent Eight”

“Don’t worry, we’ll stay out of trouble.”
“How I hope and pray that to be true.”
- Sara and Rip

Welcome to the Wild West, Legends! Given where we ended the last episode, I’m a little confused as to why the gang ends up in the Wild West but I guess we’ll find out. As it turns out (thanks to a little time travel lessons from Rip and Mick) there are periods of time that are blind spots to the Time Masters and 1871 Salvation (in the Dakota Territories) happens to be one of them. The gang is itching to get out on the town but Rip stays on the ship. The reason becomes apparent a little later on. It’s not long before the gang finds themselves in a bar fight (after Snart shoots a guy who was going to shoot Stein). It turns out the guys they pissed off are a highway robbery gang. Oops! Oh and Sara drank Mick under the table which was pretty hilarious. He’s kind of turning back to their side of things after that whole beat down on Snart.

But hey, at least they meet an interesting time traveler named Jonah Hex. He’s got a history with Rip and he insists on seeing our leader. We don’t quite know what their past involved at first, other than something called Calvert. The team does a little digging into it (thank you Gideon) and learn that it used to be a town in Oklahoma before some bad guy destroyed it. Rip finally reveals that he came to the time period on a Time Master mission and temporal drift caught up to him. He fell in love with the era and its heroic leanings. He had to drag himself away so he could return to his future wife. But the day after he left was when the town was destroyed. Rip also admits that he knew it was coming and this earns him a punch to the face from Jonah. I know he’s got his own comic book line and stuff, but I think he’d be kind of fun to have with the gang on occasion.

While the men folk try to instill some law and order in town, the girls head off on a vision quest of sorts. Kendra bumped into a woman and had flashes of memory. They find the woman and it turns out she’s a past life of Kendra’s (still living it out at the time). I am kind of glad we got that sorted out. It was kind of curious that they hadn’t run into any of Kendra’s other lives before now (either past or future given their jump to 2046 and 2147). Past Kendra tells current Kendra that it always ends the same with Savage killing them both and being reborn. She admits that they’ve loved other men deeply but it always ends in heart break or tragedy if the lover isn’t Carter. Clearly this upsets Kendra given her relationship with Ray. But Sara tells Kendra that she doesn’t have to listen to her past self. The visit also gives them another potential item to use against Savage if they can track it down.

Back in town, Ray ends up becoming the sheriff and thinks he’s succeed in kicking the guys out of town when he has Snart take a well-aimed shot at the leader. But as we’ve learned from Calvert, taking the gang out is the only way to ensure the place isn’t decimated as soon as they clear out. So a bunch of the guys (minus Rip and Stein) head out to their camp to try and take the leader in. They are mostly successful. They get the leader but the rest of the gang nabs Jax. So now they’ve got to come up with a trade. Ultimately Jonah suggests a quick draw and Rip ultimately takes the duty on. He seems to believe he has no choice. At least he’s really good and kills the other guy, running the gang out of town for good. Stein has a little side adventure with a young mother whose son is dying of TB. He has Gideon make some vaccine (and promptly gets into an argument with Rip over it). He begs the woman to destroy the rest of the meds once her son recovers and after the town is saved, we learn that the boy’s father was H.G. Wells (or rather his father’s initials were H.G. and it seems this young lad will grow up to be the crazy inventor and awesome writer). What a fun little tidbit.

Another fun tidbit comes after the gang is run out of town and the bounty hunters sent by the Time Masters show up. The team ends up handling them but has to use their future tech and powers to do it. And as Mick is killing one of the guys, the hunter warns that The Pilgrim is being sent after them. The funny bit was Snart asking Rip if he had a memory erasing device ala Men in Black. I laughed pretty hard at that one. But the gang has bigger things to worry about now. The Pilgrim is the Time Masters’ deadliest assassin and she’s really damn good at her job. She won’t be going after them as they are now (with powers and weapons and such). She’s going to wipe them out in their past. And as the episode comes to a close, we see her sneaking up behind a young Mick Rory (who is watching a house burn…creepy little prick). I have to say while this episode was entertaining, I’m kind of glad the next episode moves the plot along (at least in terms of the Time Masters hunting the team). Once again we had zero movement on stopping Savage. That’s really the biggest weakness of the show for me is that they don’t seem to accomplish anything of substance week to week. At least on the sister shows they actually make progress on storylines. But hopefully season 2 will be a little more cohesive.

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