Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.10: “Progeny”

“I owe you an apology Mr. Rory. I failed you. I brought along on this mission under false pretenses, in dial of your true nature. And when that nature took its course, I asked Mr. Snart to…deal with you. My point being your quarrel should be with me, not with him.”
- Rip

Well we are finally out of the past (at least for this week) and it brings with it a whole host of complications. According to Rip, in the year 2147 there is an ally of Savage who will become a violent dictator and unleash a virus that will kill billions and allow Savage to take over the world. So they are going to infiltrate the upper echelons of society to gain access. Apparently Rip can’t pick up an encyclopedia because he’s kind of shocked to find out that the future dictator is currently a teenage boy. Yep, they are going after a kid.

This naturally divides the team into the morally ambiguous (Sara, Snart) and the morally outraged (Ray, Stein and Jax). Rip thinks that they have no choice but to kill him at first but then someone suggest removing him from the timeline. They will need a backup plan as well and since they observe Palmer Tech robots policing the placed, Ray and Firestorm are going to sort out the tech piece. Things get kind of weird for Ray though when he learns he’s got a kid somewhere in the past (or so he believes thanks to Jewel Staite). So Ray spends much of the rest of the episode winging over having left a child fatherless.

On Team Child Abduction, Sara and Snart bicker about whether to actually kill the kid when they catch up to him. But Rip wants him taken alive and that’s what happens. They hook up to some drugs in the med bay to keep him sedated, where he can dream about baking cookies with his mom. Okay, for a future mini Hitler, he’s got some pretty benign dreams. And honestly, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t manage to make a “Let’s Kill Hitler” joke about putting the kid in a cupboard. Then again, only Whovians would get that joke.

Dealing with Savage and the kid aren’t the only things tripping up the team this week. As we saw at the end of the last episode, Mick is locked up in a cell on the ship. The team is hoping maybe they can turn him back to their side. First, Rip tries to explain that if Mick has issue with anyone it should be him not Snart for lying to him. Mick isn’t all that impressed. Then Sara stops by for a chat. She doesn’t want to confess any guilt or anything but she points out that Snart cares about Mick more than he lets on and she suspects Mick feels the same way. And a little while later, Sara tells Snart to get off his ass and talk to Mick. Well that’s a bit of tough love but it actually works.

Before the guys can work it out, the team has to face off against Savage and the kid’s father. Rip took off, intending to kill the kid after all (just taking him out of the timeline did nothing to change things) but he can’t go through with it. Instead, he proposes an exchange (especially after Savage gets his hands on Sara). But the exchange is made and the team is able to leave unharmed. Ray also learns that his brother Sydney (whom we’ve never heard of before) is actually the ancestor of Jewel’s character. So at least he doesn’t have any progeny he didn’t know about. But he and Kendra still have issues.

Over the course of the episode, Kendra is mostly having flashes to the 1940s when she and Carter were parents to Aldus. They are getting ready to run again because she thinks she senses Savage’s presence. We see them explain to their son that they’re hawk people being hunted by an immortal tyrant. It all just serves to show that Kendra is still in love with Carter, even though he’s dead and her past. And despite her assuring Ray that he is her future, I can’t really say I’m all that invested in either their relationship or her character. She’s definitely the weakest of the team. And instead of actually averting the future that they feared, the team helped to hasten it sooner. Good job guys. Way to stop Savage…or not.

Down at the cell, Snart makes Mick an offer. They’ll settle this like thugs (with their fists) and if Mick kills Snart, Mick is free to leave. But when it comes time to deliver the final blow, Mick can’t bring himself to do it. Interesting that he has some emotions left (or at all really). He’s a little more interesting with the Chronos stuff tossed in but I still prefer Snart over him. But hey, at least Mick gets to share some important information with the team that kind of moves the plot forward. Since he failed to bring the team in to the Time Masters, they’ve sent Hunters out after the team and his only advice is “run”. I think I read that these Hunters are going to try and take out the team earlier in their timelines which could be kind of interesting. It at least gives us a chance to see some other characters we haven’t seen pop up on this show before. I’d be most interested in Sara and Rip to see how the Hunters try and take them out. I’m guessing with Sara it will be pre-island so she won’t know how to defend herself (although that would totally screw up a lot of things). But whatever they do< I just hope we are able to wrap up the Vandal Savage storyline this season. As villains go, I’ve seen better in the Arrow/Flash universe and Savage is just kind of boring. He’s sort of vaguely menacing right now. Yes we know he’s killed a lot of people but he doesn’t really do much with regards to the team.

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