Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.12: “Last Refuge”

“You better not drop my future criminal partner or you’ll be in trouble. Comprende?”
- Mick

After our little journey to the Wild West, we are finally dealing with the fall out of our heroes running through time. The Pilgrim (the Time Masters’ worst assassin) is hunting the team in their pasts. How they know when to check in and such is going to be interesting. Before we see her take out our gang, we see her kill one of the Time Masters who we ran into a while back. It’s pretty creepy. Luckily it seems Gideon can track the Pilgrim’s ship through the time vortex and she first targets young Mick. His house is on fire and his parents are dead. Ray saves the little punk (I have a feeling he killed his parents but there’s no confirmation) and then adult Mick tasks Jax with babysitting. Next stop is about a year before Sara and Oliver end up on Lian Yu. She’s at the police station apparently doing a “take your kid to work day” excursion because she is doing a paper on the criminal justice system. Luckily, Sara and Mick show up to save her. This is going to have some seriously weird effects on our characters if they remember being scooped up. And then somehow, Gideon can’t track The Pilgrim’s ship. Oops!

As is often the case with Rip, he divulges some key information that the team could have used previously but are only getting now. Understandably, killing Kendra would be a waste of time what with her being able to reincarnate and apparently since Rip is a former Time Master, wiping him out is a no go, too. This just pisses Snart off because we don’t know anything about Rip’s past. Rip insists that they less they know the less that can be extracted from them by their enemies. Yeah I have a feeling he doesn’t have much nice stuff in his past. While they’re still bickering about that, Sara has to go down to the cargo bay and separate her younger self from mini Mick. Mick was hitting on Sara and she slapped him. It’s pretty hilarious actually until younger Sara demands some answers. Older Sara just says that they’ll be safe there and that her dad won’t lose her ever (um that’s a big fat fib honey).

It seems like the team is taking things pretty calmly until Ray starts manifesting internal injuries. The Pilgrim has found him in 2014 (so I guess it doesn’t have to be really young in the time line) and is pounding on him. But Rip and Firestorm come to the rescue. And Ray sort of proposes to Kendra in the present (on the ship…whatever). While she’s been ignoring the warning from her prior life, I have a feeling the whole being married to someone not Carter is going to have consequences that she's not going to like very much.

Rip’s next big idea is to take the rest of the team as newborns which is potentially risky if they’re kept out of the timeline too long. But hey, at least it’s a plan that doesn’t suck entirely. And it provides some adorable moments with Kendra and Sara absconding with baby Snart. It’s a little more awkward when Rip and Mick take baby Stein (off the side of a highway from his parents in the middle of the night). But perhaps the most poignant kidnapping is Jax. He grew up believing his father shipped out before his mom went into labor and then died two weeks later in combat overseas. But when Stein sees that Jax’s dad is still there, he goes to fetch Jax, giving the guy an opportunity to meet his dad. The team beats the Pilgrim to the punch on the rest of the team and ends up taking them to a safe harbor spot. Aka his childhood home with his mother (who seemed to be expecting them). Very interesting!

In very short order we learn that Time Masters are raised in a place called The Refuge (the house they are in) and are often orphans from throughout history. Rip’s real name is Michael. So they do explain that they change their names to protect themselves from being erased. Guess that comes in handy (and should make the comic book fans happy). Rip is a little anxious to leave the place (he feels kind of selfish for putting the team through all of his but his mother (well adopted mother) reminds him that he’s meant for great things. Before the rest of the team leaves, Mick sees his younger self playing with a match and pretty much confirms that in some way, the family death was on him. He threatens to kill young Mick if anything happens at the Refuge (um, that would kill you too but ok).

Back on the Waverider, Ray confronts Kendra about overhearing her conversation with Sara (about Ray proposing and not being sure she wants to go through with it). So she spills the beans about her past self and he tells her that it’s up to her what she wants to do and to just let him know. But they have more important things to worry about because they intercept a message from the Pilgrim. She’s kidnapped at least Jax’s dad and she’s going to kill him if they don’t turn over their younger selves. Oh boy. Rip contacts the Pilgrim with a counter offer. He’ll give her his younger self in exchange.

At a neutral location, the gang arrives to meet up with his adopted mom and little Michael. Things appear to be going according to plan (an exchange of Jax’s dad for the kid) until Ray gives a signal and everyone starts attacking. The Pilgrim uses this weird timey-wimey mojo to slow and reverse time until all of the team is stopped mid-attack. But she’s so busy focusing on the grown-ups, she’s not paying any attention to young Michael. He stabs her in the leg a couple times with a screw driver and she loses her ability to keep time at bay. She’s gets incarnated rather quickly. It turns out young Michael had been a street kid and Rip knew what his younger self would do if the Pilgrim threatened him. Well damn that’s pretty crazy. Now hopefully they can return everyone to their timelines and get back to hunting Savage down. After all, we only have a few episodes left and while the show has been renewed for season 2, I don’t really want Savage to last to next year.

But it seems I was wrong about them returning their younger selves to the timeline because the Omega Protocol is still in effect. So Rip decides it’s a grand idea to attack Savage in 2166 at the height of his power because they’ve run out of time. Well, this is going to get interesting!

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