Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.12: “#TeamLucifer”

“You preach rebellion but you’re all a bunch of sheep…and goat. Where’s the real defiance? The free will?”
- Lucifer

We are almost done with our maiden voyage with our favorite handsome Devil and his entourage. I know I’ve said I’m quite glad that the show got renewed for a second season but it bears saying again. Hopefully we will see some bigger places (including Hell) in season 2. But before we get there, we need to see what is happening with our Devil and Detective Decker. Lucifer has been avoiding Chloe for the last three weeks while he has Maze throw knives at him to see if he’s vulnerable to various metals. He’s not (although he does stub his toe when Chloe shows up). She’s got a case that she needs his help on. He’s hesitant but it’s clear pretty quickly why she needs him. A young girl was murdered and the words “Hail Lucifer” were carved into her back.

It seems that Chloe and Lucifer are sort of teaming with Dan and Malcolm (super awkward meeting in which Lucifer wants Malcolm to stop touching him). Our team heads off to chat with the victim’s dad at her apartment. They find that she had subdermal implants and a creepy secret room which all kinds of crazy Satan Cult things in it. Lucifer is really not happy about all of this. As he and Chloe head back to the station to do some research into the Satanists, Malcolm has a run-in with Amenediel. The angel is obviously pissed that Lucifer is still walking around. Malcolm spills the beans about the magic coin and that Lucifer said angels can’t kill mortals so Malcolm isn’t all that worried about Amenediel’s threat to sending him back to hell.

After some begrudging team work, Lucifer and Chloe find the cult and the location of their next meeting. Lucifer insists on driving alone (what with his fear of Chloe being a threat to him and all). Lucifer uses his creepy eyes to get into the meeting and he can’t help but burst in and scold the lot of them for being stupid and ignorant. They do get some good information out of the cult leader (named Mitch who if I’m not mistaken played Neal Caffrey’s nemesis Matthew Keller on White Collar). He explains that some people took the whole cult thing to a different level, including the victim and her boyfriend. He’s the one who probably killed her. So now they’ve just got to find the guy. I do like that they allowed the actor to use his normal accent. Yay for natural accents! Anyway, while they wait for a location on the boyfriend, Lucifer grills Trixie about whether Chloe is an angel (and he even insists on taking a look at Chloe’s back). The whole reason is because he realized that angels can hurt each other. Speaking of hurt angels, Maze pays Amenediel a visit and he insists he can’t go home to Heaven having failed in his mission. That’s not going to sit well with Lucifer, let me tell you.

On the plus side (I suppose), they find the boyfriend. But he’s dead and been carved up pretty badly. My guess is Mitch found the guy before the cops did and did the bastard in. I may be wrong though since everyone seems to think that Lucifer might be involved. Not only with the whole Satan connection but someone took the time to paint Morningstar on a bunch of crates and then a little later, Chloe and Dan find a monogramed “M” cufflink. Someone is trying to frame our dear Devil and I don’t like it one bit. And Lucifer is not in a very good mood either. His visit to Linda isn’t particularly helpful and a bunch of yahoos are picketing outside his club. He nearly kills a guy before Malcolm steps in. Malcolm just needs to get hit by a bus or something. He’s disgusting and vile and not worth the air he breathes.

It also appears that things are not going as planned for Maze and Amenediel either. After some love making, Maze is about to stab him with her crazy demon blade when he stops her. He looks all hurt and betrayed (dude she’s a freaking demon!) and wings off. I’m guessing he’s going to pay Lucifer a little visit. The two of them have some things to talk about I’m guessing. But first, Malcolm gets to admit he killed the little Satanist kids in Lucifer’s name. This just pushes Lucifer over the edge and he’s going to rain some Hell down on Malcolm when Amenediel shows up and gives him a new target for his anger. The pair of them get really into it, beating the crap out of each other, blaming each other for all the crap that’s wrong in their lives. Then Maze shows up and basically tells them that they both used her and she leaves her blades, suggesting they just kill each other already. But that is going to have to wait because when Lucifer goes down to the club for a drink, Chloe shows up and as he pontificates about not trusting people and getting hurt and all that, she finds the dead reverend (the guy he got into a scuffle with earlier that made the news). So now Lucifer is under arrest and I have a feeling Malcolm is behind it. No matter how much bad blood there is between Maze and the angels, I can’t see her and Amenediel letting Lucifer go down for something he didn’t’ do. I just hope Chloe is smart enough to realize what is going on and works to free Lucifer before it’s too late. I’m very excited to see what happens in the finale. If the preview is any indication, it is going to be one hell of an ending and we might just get that glimpse into Hell we’ve all been waiting for. And maybe in season 2 they will actually expand on some of the comic book mythology that people have been waiting for.

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