Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.10: “11:53 to Odessa”

“But why wouldn’t she want to save everybody?”
“I think she likes humanity more than human beings.”
- Malina and Noah

With only three episodes left after this, things are really kicking into high gear. As you recall we found Miko flung forward into the distant future. She encounters some of the scientists that Erica was sending through and she takes them out and heads off presumably to find her father. Back in the present, Tommy wakes up with marks on the back of his neck (he passed out and they ran tests) and after Erica explains that he needs to rebuild the time bridge that Hiro was maintaining while stuck in Evernow, he demands to see the future for himself. So they head there and it’s barren and desolate and I still hope he won’t help them. He needs to just hold on until Malina and Noah can get there. Oh and Ren is having weird visions of shogun warriors while he is trying to track Miko in the game. It’s a construct (similar to Miko) that explains that Ren needs to get to the future to save Miko (presumably the real one) from dying. The construct told him to find a way to the future with a bunch of people and he sees a bus (the 11:53 to Odessa) and gets on.

Speaking of, Luke tries to stick with them since he feels he owes Malina but Noah shuts him down. On the road, Malina asks about Claire and Noah admits that she reminds him of her mother quite a bit which is a good thing. They end up at a gas station and Luke has followed them. He tries to explain everything that he didn’t tell Malina before (including about his son) but Noah still won’t let him come. I get that Noah is probably pissed that Luke tried to kill his grandson but you have a guy who can go super nova. That has to help somehow!

Out at the Evo mind control farm, Taylor and the Hero Truther team are trying to find a way to sneak in and get Micah. Taylor has a pretty smart plan actually. Since one of the team is a shape shifter she has him switch into Erica and they manage to get inside. This serves as a plot device to pull Matt away from his interrogation of Farah (who is not actually dead after all). Up until this point she’s been very difficult to break. Now that he knows about Carlos being in her unit, he uses him. He even reveals that Carlos is in love with Farah. Turns out she loves him, too and Matt uses that to force Farah to admit where Malina was going. I really don’t like what they’ve done with Matt’s character. I guess he was just so tired of all the crap he went through that he just sold his soul but it really disappoints me since I used to like him so much. Matt sniffs out that Erica isn’t really Erica but Taylor manages to subdue him so now they can look for Micah and Francis. The shape shifter takes Matt’s form when he starts coming around and then Harris shows up and shoots the shape shifter and Matt realizes that he’s expendable. Maybe he will realize what he’s doing is wrong and change teams. I’m not sure Taylor and the team will find Micah but at least Carlos and Farah are escaping (he’s beaten Matt’s mind control). Matt pays Micah a visit and finds out that he and his wife and son are on the transport list to the future so I guess he won’t be changing sides. And it seems Hero Truther may be in a bit of a bind, too as a bunch of guards and Evos under Matt’s control spot them and start advancing.

In the future, we see Miko break into the facility and find out the truth. The real version of her is on life support. She finds her father and he explains that Renautus would have killed her if he didn’t help. She’s got another mission, too. She needs to find Hiro. Oh and he sent Ren to her and he will be arriving in the future soon to help her. Tommy gets a little tour of the facility, too and Erica admits they won’t be bringing 7 million people along for the ride. But Tommy does eventually agree to help but he wants his family and friends safe. Their little tour is interrupted by one of the Harris’s letting her know that Miko has showed up. Tommy sends some people back (including Phoebe and Quentin who are kind of having a tiff) when Miko shows up.

Noah and Malina are on their way to Odessa when a giant storm roars up. It looks like a really crazy thunderstorm but it is somehow more than that. So Malina decides the best plan of action is to use her powers to try and stop it. She manages to make the storm dissipate but Noah disappears (I have a feeling since Tommy and Miko popped back from the future that he managed to save his grandfather from being flattened by a falling car). Luke comes to her rescue when a bunch of people accuse Malina of starting the storm in the first place so they have to take off.

Things are almost to a head as we wrap up this season. I am enjoying it for the most part, even if things were a little slow at first and I want to just punch Matt repeatedly for being an idiot. But I am glad that the network gave this show a chance. I’m also glad we knew it was a limited series from the start so we won’t be left with any huge cliffhangers at the end. Either Malina and Tommy succeed in saving the world or they fail. Only time will tell.

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