Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.11: “Send in the Clones”

“You trust me don’t you? Because I am trusting you with the future of the entire human race. And I’d like to show you how to save it.”
- Erica

We are in the final stretch, folks. I expect within the final three episodes our characters will eventually all converge (preferably in Odessa) much like they did originally in season 1 in New York. The gang is still quite spread out. Tommy and Miko are running around the future compound trying to evade Erica while she threatens Miko’s father. I really hope someone kills her. She’s getting on my nerves. After realizing that Miko needs to be at Sunstone Manor (where Matt is still in control), Tommy sends her back and lies to Erica about her just disappearing. He does manage to convince her to go back to the present so at least everyone will be playing in the same time zone.

Out in Missouri, Malina and Luke are trying to find a way to get to Tommy (or at least they think they are since he’s not technically in Midian anymore). Quentin, Phoebe and two of the clones are trying to head them off with orders from Erica to kill Malina on sight. Quentin may have joined the other team but at least he’s starting to feel guilty about it. He doesn’t want to kill Malina. She’s only a little younger than Phoebe (who I have to say is also very annoying and I wouldn’t mind if someone killed her, too). Luke and Malina (after stocking up on some ammo and gear) head in the direction of Midian and are soon intercepted by some clones and Phoebe and Quentin. They race into a corn field (they are never not creepy) and Malina gets nabbed. Phoebe starts choking her with her darkness until Luke swoops in and subdues everyone. Even though he really wants to kill Phoebe for his son’s death, Malina convinces him that the pair are more valuable while Erica still has Tommy.

Out at Sunstone Manor, things are not going particularly well for everyone. Sure, Farah and Carlos manage to get his suit back and take out the recording keeping all the Evos under Matt’s thumb. But they split up from Taylor and Renee and that just ends poorly. I know I’ve mentioned before that I used to like Matt and now I kind of hate him. He apparently had (yet another) falling out with his wife at some point. His powers overtook him yet again and she couldn’t deal with his drama. But he’s still convinced Erica will send them all to the future. We also learn that Renee’s power to dampen other Evos powers somehow relies on his hearing (retcon much?) and so Matt just shoots him in the ear to mess up his powers. Matt thinks he’s going to use Taylor has a bargaining chip with Erica (especially when he finds out Taylor is pregnant) but I honestly can’t imagine Erica caring, especially with her views on Evos and the fact that the baby likely has powers. But on the plus side, with the message down, all the other Evos can how help out and Carlos and his nephew find Micah. Now they just have to disconnect him from the system! Carlos is on his way to breaking the glass when another clone shows up. The priest takes him out but then gets shot. But hey, at least they rescue Micah. I’m glad he’s okay.

Back in Odessa in the present, Tommy briefly reunites with Emily and his mom before Erica whisks him away again. I really can’t wait until the gang kicks her butt. Everyone is still curious about where Noah’s gone. We know it wasn’t Tommy and I doubt it was Hiro since it seems like once Tommy takes a power, you can’t get it back. I’m kind of hoping maybe Peter somehow borrowed the power from someone else and swooped in for a surprise save. But that is probably wishful thinking at best.

As Matt and Taylor head to Odessa, Erica shows Tommy the machine he’s supposed to hook into so he can save the world (it amplifies his power so he can teleport mass numbers of people). Oh and Miko faces off against an army of clones (a clone army? He doesn’t look like Boba Fett). But the original Harris wants a crack at Miko so the clones back off. It appears Miko’s final mission is to kill him quite spectacularly with her makeshift spear. Good girl! I have to admit as much as I wasn’t liking Carlos, he was kind of integral to this episode and the most interesting part of the episode happened around him. Micah manages to use his powers to get the message out that Erica has been feeding the world lies. He shows footage of how they made it look like Mohinder released that terrorist video taking credit for June 13th (by using a shape shifting Evo). The kid’s got brains and guts. I’ll give him that. I’m excited to see how everyone manages to get to Odessa and stop the human race from going extinct. Unfortunately, Erica is still intent on killing Malina and she’s now tasked Joanne with that little job. Erica thinks Luke’s presence as Malina’s new protector makes the job more enticing. I mean, sure Joanne is not a big fan of her ex-husband for being an Evo but I can’t imagine she’ll kill him this time (not when she had the chance in Carbondale and didn’t. But who knows. He may end up killing her in a tragic moment

I am so glad that the clones are gone and that things are moving toward a conclusion> I’ve enjoyed getting to see some old favorites return and I quite like some of the younger characters (and not just because they are Petrellis). I still want to know who saved Noah and if the twins are going to be able to actually save the world. Only two episodes left before we find out how it all ends!

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