Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.09: “Sundae, Bloody Sundae”

“I can see you’re in pain. I know how it feels to be overcome with anguish and grief. All you want even for a moment is to feel some relief, a release. To be unburdened. I can give you that.”
- Casper

Now that we got most of the backstory doled out over the last two episodes, we are back to the present day and picking up story threads we left dangling a while ago. We find Carlos and the cop finally making a bid to free the priest and Carlos’ nephew. They get through the gate and Carlos tests positive for powers. The cop warns Carlos not to get near the Director because he can get inside your head which makes me think that it might be Matt. Which again, just breaks my heart if it is because he is so much better than this! Things aren’t going at all according to plan for the little jail break. Sure Carlos takes out a guard and is wandering around while Matt talks over a loudspeaker and Evos just sort of stand around but the cop gets taken out and drugged, too. Oops! I am really disappointed in Matt at this point. He had tings rough sure but he’s sold out big time for these people. He’s basically using his power to torture other Evos. Just his dad did. Just like he never wanted to. He convinces the cop to kill himself. Really Matt? Really? Carlos is finding things difficult as well. He tracks down the priest and his nephew but they are stuck in Matt’s mind warp and don’t want to leave. Carlos gets snatched up (after getting electrocuted) and Matt goes into his head and drags out the memory of the raid in the Middle East hat Farah was responsible for but for which he got the medal.

Out in Carbondale, Tommy/Nathan and Emily get back from their Paris trip and Tommy heads back to see his mom. Apparently Noah has managed to track down his grandson because he shows up shortly thereafter and he and Tommy’s mom fill him in. He’s got Hiro’s powers, Hiro is sort of his dad and Claire is his mom. He’s also got a sister he’s never met (well not that he remembers anyway. Speaking of Malina, she and Luke are at a diner sort of bonding a little bit. I don’t know that it will end well for Luke but whatever. He does open up a little while he and Malina are in the car and heading for Illinois. They talk about movies and how Dennis loved funny movies. At least he’s opening up a little bit.

Taylor is also getting wrapped up in things she probably doesn’t understand. She ultimately gets snatched up by Evos behind Hero Truther. I kind of want Micah to show up again. Like maybe he managed to get free or something. Well it turns out he’s not free but also Renee didn’t get killed by Noah because Casper wiped his memory this time around. So he is working with some of the other Evos and they needed to know they could trust Taylor. Taylor ends up pointing out the facility where Carlos and the cop are as the most likely place Micah is being held. I’m not sure what Erica is using Micah’s power for but it can’t be anything good.

Erica is still looking for her but she’s got more pressing matters to attend to. Like getting her hands on Tommy/Nathan. Quentin appears to be on that task and after getting a candy bar unstuck from the vending machine, our dopey guy turned villain goes in to kill Tommy but he’s gone. Joanne has showed up at the ice cream shop. I’m not sure what her deal is to be honest but she’s threatening Emily and Casper. On the bright side Casper didn’t end up wiping Emily’s memory. So that’s nice. But Joanne is still a lunatic. It also makes me wonder if she somehow get on Renautus’ payroll too. Well she might very well end up there but she’s not quite yet. Luke and Malina show up not long after Tommy does. Unfortunately, Tommy can’t make Joanne calm down and she ends up shooting Casper. Luke doesn’t have much luck getting her to back down either but at least this time Tommy takes control and actually stops time for the first time. He really is becoming the Master of Space and Time like his surrogate dad. Awesome! He aligns things so that Luke’s heat blast and Joanne’s bullet don’t hit their intended targets. He even glimpses Malina in the back room before getting himself and Emily to safety.

That safety isn’t so safe as it turns out. Quentin and Phoebe show up to kidnap Tommy and her darkness temporarily neutralizes Tommy’s power. Noah has no choice but to let them take his grandson because if he shot Phoebe, Quentin would have shot Tommy and without his powers there is nothing he could have done to stop it. So they usher him off to Erica’s house where she has prepared an elaborate meal of venison (because why not) and she says she’s going to tell him how he’s going to save the world. Before we cut to black, we jump to 7,957 years in the future and the planet is pretty barren. Except for a single butterfly that lands on Miko’s hand. Um, how is she even there? She’s not real. We saw her basically dematerialize in Evernow. But she’s definitely there and she runs off and sees what could be a settlement where all the Renautus people were going through the weird portal thing a few weeks ago.

The end of this episode left us with more questions than answers and with only four episodes left in the season, I really hope we get some resolution. I would also like to see Tommy and Malina get a chance to bond at some point. But hey, at least she’s now in Noah’s care. So I guess Luke did his job in sort of reuniting her with her family.

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