Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.10: “Pops”

“Don’t let your…daddy issues cloud your judgment.”
- Chloe

This week’s episode is all about family dysfunction and no one is really left out of the awkward family drama. Lucifer is having daddy issues, Chloe’s mom shows up in town unannounced and the case of the week involves a star chef who was estranged from his son. The chef was found poisoned at a grocery store, after having breakfast at his restaurant. So naturally all of the staff is suspects. But as they talk to everyone, it becomes clear that while the guy was kind of a jerk and was harsh with all of his staff, they still looked up to him like a father figure (this gets old for Lucifer rather quickly). When they meet the chef’s son, Junior, Lucifer immediately thinks he’s guilty. They do a little digging and end up talking to the sous chef named Ann. But it looks like Ann isn’t the culprit when she vomits blood and passes out from poisoning. Oh boy!

To make matters more complicated, Chloe’s mom shows up in town and insists on having a family dinner (which according to Chloe is not even a thing that happens). In a rather candid moment with Lucifer, she admits that growing up she always left like she had to be the adult in the relationship with her mother. Her mom was always racing off to auditions and dragging Chloe with her (part of why Chloe got out of acting I suppose). Lucifer likes mama Decker though. And of course, she likes him because no sane person who meets him doesn’t (yes I’m looking at you Dan). Speaking of Dan, he’s having a hell of a time with Malcolm. Dan finds out that Malcolm is after Lucifer but doesn’t plan to help take out the competition.

Elsewhere in the episode, Maze pays Linda a visit, asking the doctor to make her more normal. When Linda turns down sex (that’s really not the way you pay your therapist guys!), Maze isn’t happy. But Linda tells her to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level. Basically, girl needs some friends if she’s going to stick around town for a while. That suggestion doesn’t exactly go as Maze plans but it’s actually kind of adorable. In the middle of the investigation (after Chloe and Lucifer pay a visit to Junior’s ex-girlfriend who is a drug addict and former hostess at the restaurant), Chloe gets a call that her mom sent the babysitter home. This leads to a big fight between mother and daughter over Chloe’s mom dressing Trixie up to take to an audition. So Trixie takes off, ultimately ending up at Lux looking for Lucifer. Hence Maze’s first friend. As I said, it was kind of cute (aside from Maze almost serving an 8 year old alcohol). It was also kind of nice to see Trixie as her own person a little bit.

Dinner at the Decker household turns nasty and awkward almost immediately. Lucifer’s brought Junior along to help cook (and try to get some information out of him) but Lucifer’s way of getting people to speak the truth gets in the way and pretty much everyone ends up offended. Dan leaves with Junior and Chloe’s mom begs off, too. This leaves Chloe and Lucifer to stand about awkwardly. Although Chloe realizes that Junior couldn’t have killed his dad because the poison found (a mix of mercury and heroin) didn’t match any of the drugs they got at his ex’s place. Lucifer then points out it was rather convenient that Ann didn’t die.

So our dynamic duo heads back to the restaurant and confront Ann. She admits she used the poison because the victim was going to give the business back to his son after reconciling. But the intended victim was actually Junior, not his dad. Oops! Ann sets the place on fire and Lucifer gets burned carrying Chloe out of the burning building. It was kind of heroic and a little unnecessary. But hey, at least the culprit is ultimately caught and the case is solved. Now it’s time for the dysfunctional people to resolve some things. Maze reports to Linda about making a friend and then asks the doctor out for an age-appropriate drink. Hey, it’s a start! Chloe and her mom make up before her mom leaves on an early morning flight. She also gives her daughter a piece of advice about being happy. This prompts Chloe to text Dan to try and figure out where they stand after their kiss. But he’s a little busy confronting Malcolm and then getting choked out by the jerk. Said jerk also sends Chloe a break up text which isn’t going to leave Dan very happy. One would think Lucifer would be thrilled with Chloe showing up drunk at his door but he oddly can’t take advantage of her. It seems our Devil is developing a sense of right and wrong and respect for women. It’s big of him to realize that if he and Chloe slept together now, she’d regret it the next day. Even though it ended with Chloe snoring loudly on his shoulder and him sort of cursing his Dad, it was kind of sweet. And I’m proud of Lucifer for putting the brakes on even though I was kind of hoping for at least a kiss. They didn’t have to go all the way at all. He could have stopped her after one with the same result.

I like that Lucifer keeps trying to find answers to his own dysfunction in other people’s lives. He doesn’t really seem to be getting anywhere but at least he’s trying. It would be kind of interesting if at some point we actually got to meet God and see what father and son really are like together. Because as you know, we just have Lucifer’s side of things (Amenediel doesn’t get to have an opinion because he’s a scheming jerk face).

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